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Re: What is tougher to get, AMEX Blue Cash Preferred or US Bank Cash+ Visa?

To answer your initial question, I think the BCP is "easier" to get.  I say that because the Cash+ is a Signature card and US Bank is relatively conservative when it doles out credit to people in the mid-high 600s with some negatives on their reports - people like you and me.


I recently went through apps for both an Amex revolver and a US Bank Visa.  With 0% Util, mid-high 600s, a CO from 2007 and a paid medical collection, and a relatively thin file, I got a $1200 limit from Amex and a $2500 limit from  US Bank.  If I had applied for the BCP instead of the Costco True Earnings, the underwriting would have been the same and I'd expect a similar limit.  However, the same approval from US Bank would not have garnered me a Cash+ because, in their eyes, I was not yet Visa Signature material.


I suggest waiting until November, getting the Util down below 25%, and then applying for the Amex.  Be prepared to fax in a solid reconsideration letter.  Wait 61 days after activation for a CLI from them.  Then, if everything looks good, apply for the Cash+ next February or March after the higher BCP limit reports.