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Re: What is tougher to get, AMEX Blue Cash Preferred or US Bank Cash+ Visa?

I do not have an existing relationship with them, there are no branches local to me (there is 1 ATM within 100 miles).


Honestly, I have a Discover (which is not accepted everywhere), and plan to get an AMEX next year (but has some of the same issues), and I only want a Visa as a backup / useful for merchants that dont take amex or discover.


The best options (that fit me) for rewards are either capital one (have heard too many nightmare stores to trust them), and BofA, who I will never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever ever use again because of bad customer service experiences in both banking and credit card sides of their business.


The third option is the US Bank Cash+ card.  Which is why I want it. The bill pay and restaraunt bonuses are the biggest attractors to me; that would be most of my purchasing interest.