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Re: What factors used to determine credit limit?
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firesoul453 wrote:

I don't think income has too much to do with it, atleast with chase and citi. My credit limit with chase is 20% of my income (and I only make 12500 a year) and citi gave more more than %40 of my income!

capital one on  the other hand, %6 of my income is the limit, and even with their yearly review, I don't qualify for a CLI

Yes income has a lot to do with your CL, sure it doesn't do much when  your just rebuilding or starting out with credit no one is going to give you more than a 2k CL no matter what your income is.   But once you have established a good payment history and a decent FICO score, your imcome will stand in the way of getting high CL cards.  Who is going to give you a 25k CL when th even the minimum payment is more than your net take home pay for the month.

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