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BOA Denied Secured Graduation, What Next?
So, I know this comes around a lot but I am curious. I have had high balances on the 2 cards I do have but NEVER late or over the limit on either. I have had the BOA for 1 yr and Cap One for 6 month, both secured. My limits are still in the mid to higher 500's and I was denied the graduation from BOA but received an automatic $100 increase in my limit from Cap One last month. I just paid the BOA down to $0.00 and the Cap one has a balance that I am paying off this month. Both cards are $300 limit and I am going to really work on my utilization now as roughly no balance on either once completed. Should I see a big jump in score? How much do you think in 30 & 60 days? Thanks for the input, I read the forum I know how much thus is asked but I am like everyone else and am curious about my certain situation. I will start contributing now that I have had to post. Thanks Again Guys
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Re: BOA Denied Secured Graduation, What Next?

Well, it depends on what's on the rest of your CR. A lot of baddies? Nothing? Some lates? It all affects your score. What scores do you have now?