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Re: She's beautiful

yeah I think at some point you grow up into your parents!


I actually got denied a few months ago for a basic womens store card through WFNNB. I was like ummmmm, why? I make a wonderful living, I'm paying my car note on time. So what gives? It wasn't until I got here until that I realized I had a serious problem. Honestly, though it didn't take much to clean up my report I had a couple of baddies (one still reporting) and no active CC or revolving besides my auto loan. A few closed but paid on time CCs reporting...soooo I took to it. Within a few weeks I had a prime card, a store card and an installment loan. And my scores have gone up like a rocket. Of course, Ive messed up too-let a balance report because of cut off dates but its all about learning. You know it really is about patience and getting in charge of YOUR MONEY and your life. I am always interested in following people who have made it through the fire and now have a bunch of very sexy, high CL cards in there pocket. I wanna be like that! :smileywink: myfico has really made this dream a very forseeable reality.

started mid 500's. Disputed incorrect items and within a month or two my scores have skyrocketed and continue to do so
EQ: 755 as of 8/2013
TU: 700
Experian(or as I call them, the devil) I have no clue, they haven't released my report
Goal=801 across the board!!! Not too far from this, hoping to garden until Christmas 2013