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SDFCU Secured, EMV Chip enabled!

So I bounced a few emails back and forth with their CS department, apparently no foreign transaction fee (somewhat expected), but here was the kicker, email quoted below (note you do still have to be a member, which involves an inquiry no doubt):




Thank you for your response. Yes, our EMV Chip Visa Platinum can be a Share Secured card. A Share Secured Visa Platinum card is secured by funds in your Regular Share Savings account or Share Certificate. The funds are held in your account and are unable to use while the card is active and/or has a balance. The minimum credit limit is $250 and there is no maximum limit. The APR is 6.99%. For example, if you wish to have a $1,000 credit limit, you will need to deposit $1,000 into your Regular Share Savings or opening a Share Certificate for $1,000.


With the Share Secured Visa Platinum, your credit report is not reviewed during the application. To apply for a Share Secured card, you must apply by phone.




Various contact information stuff afterwards, but for those of us in the credit basement that for whatever reason need to travel abroad, this is HUGE in my opinion.


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Re: SDFCU Secured, EMV Chip enabled!

hmmmm.. i might look into this

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