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Re: How Discover Authorized users work??!

KingMack wrote:

Hey Friends,

 I have a question about authorized users with Discover Card and how they report. So I have a great friend of mine that is(Did) add me as an authorized user to her card to help me build my payment history and score. However, they did not ask for my SSN# or address, just my name..... so my question is how will they know its me and how will it report??


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If your goal is to build a payment history and improve your credit score, then just get a card and do good with it. Thats your best bet.


Even if  by chance, it is reporting for you, and somehow in the future you do try a lender that doesn't see this as an intended "piggyback", and they accept this as real legitiment benefitical history, it still won't help as much as having your own credit card with your own history.


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