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Re: How Discover Authorized users work??!
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most CC companies do report AUs. I dont myself have a discover card though and am not sure how they in particular work, but a reported AU account will affect your reports and scores. Some people have had a lot of luck with AU accounts and havr been helped greatly by them, but under a manual review (for example, if you recon) the AU accounts do appear as just that, it will say "Authorized User" next to it and the underwriter reviewing your app will take into consideration that those accounts are not yours, and they may not help you at all.

Hope this helps!!


Edit: Sorry, couldn't edit from my cell phone earlier, but, remember, when added as an AU (if the card reports), the AU will also get any late payments associated with the account as well, not just the positive history. Also, the cards that only ask for name usually will only report if the person lives at the same address.