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Re: How Discover Authorized users work??!

If its different name, not a spouse or at different address you might not see that card on your report. I'll give you an interesting story and example from my experience.


GF put me on her Wells Fargo card in January. All they asked is name as well so that was it. I did not see the card being reported and when she called they said they report but all they use is name but if it does not show up in the credit report then they cant help that. Well we left that alone.


In July GF applied for Zync and got me as a AU on that. AMEX asks for Social Security number. They sent her my Zync card to her house but it was addressed to me. Anyway Zync popped up on all 3 of my reports and Experian lists her address as one of my addresses. EQ and TU does not have her address


Lo and behold Wells Fargo showed up same day as AMEX on Experian with 7 months of history. I guess because now the address on Experian shows the same as her address it showed up. TU and EQ does not show Wells Fargo, I think because it does not show her address.


It could be a coincidence, but I think when Amex updated my Experian with her address since this is where they sent the card Wells Fargo card showed up as now my name and address is a match rather than just any person with my name...if this makes sense



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