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Re: USAA and Chase

Chase, I would not even think about


USAA - it's a possibility, but I would wait. Get your scorres a little higher, paye ervythng on time for a few more months.


I was approved for 1500 Visa in March with MyFICO EQ  641. NO negatives on my EQ report except very high utilization - over 70% -  and  a paid judgement from two years earlier.


at the the time of my approval:

I was AU on two cards of my wife through USAA

I had direct deposit of my payroll to USAA

I had a small savings account with USAA

I had spotless payment history for the previous year and a half on all 19 of my tradlines that had been opened in the last 2 years (including a car loan and lease).


Still spotless payment history and plan to keep it that way.

Utilization now down below 40%




Starting Score: 534 11/09
Current Score: FICO 652 05/11
Goal Score: 700+

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