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Re: USAA and Chase

bichonmom wrote:

USAA is a more conservative lender. And they offer better CCs, terms, rewards, etc. to full members than partial ones. I wouldn't waste my time with them until your credit is really good, if you really want an USAA card.


I don't think Chase would approve you. They are a prime lender and may balk at your DMP, plus your FICO is pretty low. Your OP says that you have other CCs. What are they? Maybe you can just CLI what you have now. Otherwise, you may need to let them age a bit so your FICO improves before apping for prime CCs.


Maybe when your DMP is done in Jan, your scores will jump.



How so?  Do you Care to explain?  I am a 20+ year FULL member with usaa, and they offer NO difference in what they offer FULL members than non/partial members.


What has been your experience?