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Re: Visa/MC/Discover/Amex ??

OptimasPrime wrote:

cmthomas06 wrote:

I have been wondering about this for a while now and have read threads concerning Visa or MC versions of cards. I was wondering why people like to have 1 of each?... is it simply for acceptability purposes (if a merchant only accepts 1 or the other). Or does it go further and have some effect on the CR? I have one MC, Disc, Amex; however, most of my cards are visa. Should I be trying to get more MC? 


*I appologize if this may seem stupid, but Im just curious*

This. Bank issued cards do not show up as visa or MC on your credit reports, all that is noted is the financial institution that issued the card to you, not the payment network. Note that amex and discover are a bit different since they are card issuers who have their own payment processing networks.

Thats what I thought. Just wanted to make sure I wasnt missing anything/unaware Smiley Happy thanks!

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