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Nordstrom Credit Card (they need to confirm identity?)

I just applied online for a Nordstrom Signature card and received the usual 7-10 days response. I called in immediately to ask if I needed to send in more info and was told by the CSR that I was denied for both the Signature card AND the retail card (?!!!). I asked her what the reasons were and which report she pulled and she just told me Equifax but didn't give me a reason why. I asked her how that was possible being that my EQ is 726 with ZERO inquiries in 2 years and was put on hold for a couple minutes. When she came back she said that they needed me to MAIL in a copy of my driver's license and utility bill. I told her I was leaving for vacation on Saturday and asked if I can expedite the process by faxing the requested documents in or going into the store. She told me that because I had processed this application online everything had to be done by MAIL ONLY. Does anyone have their fax number? I thought this was kind of weird since other people have posted saying they faxed the stuff in or went into the store.....Has anyone else had this experience? If so, what were the results? Thanks for your help.


P.S. I read 14 pages of Nordstrom threads first before posting this. Couldn't find any that were like mine. Seems like everyone else got to fax their info in or go into the store.....