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Re: CapOne On Death Row...

I too have a Capone card on death row.  Like most death row inmates, they know it.  I have put to death one of their cards already.  They did not seem to get the message.  They never seem to get the message.  Also like death row, it will be in a year, so they have time to repent.  (Just like most criminals, they won't!)


I am waiting until a year because they were nice enough to waive my annual fee.  Actually, because someone pushed the button twice or something, they have refunded it twice!  In a few days the actual annual fee will post.  After that I will ask again for a CLI and expect nothing.  Then I will ask that they PC me again and expect nothing.  I will stress the annual fee again.  If they refund it again I will laugh. 


Strangely enough because of their errors it has cost them about $200 in the past year. 


They are happy to inform you that their policies about CLI's are changing.  And I am certain they are, but you have to remember it might only affect 1% of the card holders.  They seem to change their policies after they get sued and have to pay for it.  I believe they are currently being targeted for their credit approval policies.  They seem to like to give you many cards with low limits.  (This is one reason they always suggest that you reapply for a new product.  They hope you won't qualify for a good card product, but instead a card with an AF.)  They seem to be more about the fees than anything else.  If you have multiple cards with fees, they gain income.  If you go over the limit on one, they it is likely you will go over the limit on another card they have given you.  If you are late on one, etc.  I have never paid them a fee, except an annual fee.  (And at this point they are still on the worse side of that!)


I paid them $1.36 in interest in the last year.  This month it will be a little different, due to strategy testing.  I did not pay my balance in full to see if that will help get a CLI now that the account is 2 years old.  (I actually loaned the card to my sister, so she is really paying the interest anyway.  I did that so the card would actually be used.)


I refuse to use the card exccept for balance transfers.  They don't charge me anything for it, so I transfer the balance from another account and pay it off.  Sometimes, even before it actually transfers.  And I do this to piss them off, cause them more work, and to show utilization.


At least I won't close the HSBC/Capone card as there is no annual fee.

I swear I am going right to the Garden...... Hopefully to stay there longer than a month this time......