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Re: CapOne On Death Row...

CreditEd wrote:

LOVE the fact that so many of us are on the Titanic together... I must also admit that going through and killing the card is as much psychological as much as it is financial. Kinda like being in an abusive marriage... You keep thinking that it's gonna get better, that things will change, that he/she is gonna see how worthy you are of a CLI?????


But that company isn't gonna do anything that it doesn't HAVE to do. You find and figure out how to use the useless card, and keep paying it off and keep laughing about it. No rewards, no benefitst, but they keep on getting their swipe fees without returning anything back to you.



At one point I think I did not deserve anything from them.  This has however changed.  Their strategy only focuses on the beginning.  It is kinda as if we started children in kindergarten and kept them there, because that is where they started.


I swear I am going right to the Garden...... Hopefully to stay there longer than a month this time......