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Re: amex SPG "in progress"

CreditEd wrote:

jsickz32 wrote:
@credited how is the color in person?? I never seen one in person but i really like the design of that card. Last time i apped was an instant declined. I keep checking but says in progress still ugh!

I'll be frank with you. Don't get caught up in the hype. I wanted this card so bad it hurt. I'd convinced myself that since I was a Plat customer and b/c I'd been doing so much cleanup work that AMESX "owes" me this card??? I wanted to to serve as a symbol of all the work that I'd been doing the past couple years and thus the ainxiety grew daily.

Truth be told the Hilton revolver would have better suited me b/c I stay at a Hilton Hotel at least once/month. But... it wouldn't have satisfied all the internal presure that I built up.


The card is BEAUTIFUL burgendy with a Platinum border around the edges. I actually wipe it down from time to time to get the fingerprints off of it.


On denials. AMEX pulls EX almost exclusively and has an ownership or at least very close relationship with EX so I would imaging that even SPs are tracked and logged as part of your history consideration.


Mind posting your scores? I don't think that anything under 700 will cut it.

+1...I think it requires a minimum 700 fico, and decent income.

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