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Odds of approval? Chase Freedom/United Plus Mileage Explorer

Hello all,

I am new to this site, and have recently taken an interest in my credit.  I am 27 years old and have managed with a simple Chase debit card all these years, but have decided that I should probably grow up and establish some credit history with a credit card.  I have never had a loan other than student loans, which are pretty substantial ($100,000+), but I have never had a late or missed payment in the six years that the loans have been open.  About three months ago I applied for the Chase Sapphire Preferred card because I do a fair amount of international travel for work, but was declined with FICO EQ 700, TU 700  and EX 713 scores for insufficient credit history.  I knew I was shooting rather high with the Sapphire, but took the chance anyways which brings me to today....

I was at my Chase branch today and my personal banker suggested that I apply for the Freedom card because of the rewards perks and its acceptance rate vs. the Sapphire.  I ran my  score this afternoon and pulled an EQ FICO of 747.  I am interested in applying for the Freedom card, but due to travel rewards, the United Plus Mileage Explorer card is more enticing to me.  Would it be a bad idea to apply for either of those cards within 3 months of a declined Sapphire application? What are my chances of getting approved for either card with my credit score/somewhat limited credit history?  Do you guys suggest any other cards for me based on my credit profile?  I am not stuck on Chase cards, but prefer a Visa.