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Re: Negative affects of adding an AU?

DVH1980 wrote:

Im curious if there is a downside to adding my wife as an AU on my newly aquired Amex card. Her credit is pretty dismal but will be clean in 2 years. My main question is, when I request a CLI in the future, will having someone with less than stellar credit as an AU affect their decision to grant my CLI? Or worst case senario, woud AMex possibly consider closing my account because of the derogs on my AU's report?

Your wife being an AU doesn't show up at all on your credit report.  It's irrelevant to the approval process assuming you're applying as an individual rather than for a joint account.


I don't think Amex particularly cares regarding AU's (AC's in their terminology): AC's are liable for at least some of the charges accrued as well, so it increases their odds of getting paid.  If they really don't like your wife's credit report, I think anecdotally they've refused to issue the AC, but I wouldn't sweat it as the primary cardholder.


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