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Re: Odds of approval? Chase Freedom/United Plus Mileage Explorer

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Based on your bankers advice, I'd definitely app the Chase Freedom.  It's a good card that will likely give you a decent starting limit if you have a good income regardless of your thin file.  If you decide to app the CapOne Venture card, app it last as they will pull all 3 CRAs.  I'd also recommend apping the Amex Zync.  It's a charge product but you will more then likely go to a really high internal limit with use to give you some buying power if you need it if approved.  I think your chances with Zync are higher then the Venture card. Wait a year and with luck, you'll have some experience with a 5K limit card to get that Sapphire you want.  With regards to the Freedom- google Freedom cashback offers and app the offer for  $100 cash back so at least you start with a little cash back to begin with.  I'd app before the weekend.  Good Luck!  Just my 2 cents. Smiley Happy

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