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Re: What Credit Card Do You Use When You're On a Date!?

LionLaw wrote:

maiden_girl wrote:

LOL it's funny b/c I actually dropped my credit card on the floor CapOne card which happens to be black and the guy thought I had a Centurion card from Amex...I think he thought I was loaded because there was this LOOK. Ahaha. Like whoa buddy calm limit's ONLY $750. LOL!

It's funny you mention that... I got a Citi Diamond Preferred a few months back.  It's by no means the greatest card in the world, but it's black with a little holographic lettering, so it LOOKS like it's on par with the Centurion.  I always use it when I'm out with single ladies (on a date or otherwise), and a lot of the time I catch them doing a double take. 

LMAOOO yea people DO look b/c they want to see what you have! I think its common human nature. A lot of women get turned off by a man using his debt's actually sexier to me! No debt! LOL!!


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