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Re: What Credit Card Do You Use When You're On a Date!?

lithium78 wrote:

If you are dating someone other than a gold digger, it probably mostly doesn't matter which card you use.  If you are dating a gold digger, run away fast; You deserve better.  The cards I would avoid on a date would be Hooters, Orchard, Credit One, Household Bank, First Premier, and Walmart.  The average person doesn't know that the Best Buy card is sub-prime, so you'd probably be safe with that.

Don't be labeled as a geek, skip on the BestBuy card :smileyhappy:


We're talking third or fourth impression anyway by the time we're talking about a credit card so I suspect it's far less important than things such as hygeine, dress, table manners, conversational ability, etc. ad naseum heh.


Plus most folks wouldn't recognize CreditOne / FP anyway, heck Credit One is a black card from the promo offers they keep sending me, maybe it'd be misthought to be a Centurion! :cattongue:

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