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Letter from Capital One

Titled Good News Your Refund's on the way!


Re: your orchard bank ending in ####


Dear Dobirdsmommy,


Capital One is now the issuer of your ochard bank account. And we've got some great news to share with you.


We're refunding the application processing fee you paid when you applied for your orchard bank credit card. That's right, your refund of 19.00 will appear as a credit on one of your next two statements. You dont have to do a thing.


And even more good news- in addition to not charging an application processing fe, Capital One doesn't charge some of the fees you may see elsewhere, such as fees to pay your bill by phone of Foreign Exchange fees.


Just keep using your card as you do today and we'll continue to make sure you stay well-informed throughout this transition process.



I got the letter but not the DH. He got his card in Feb. I applied in May.


still nice to get a refund though

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