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Re: Chase Sapphire Preferred utilization

Cdnewmanpac wrote:

UtilizationUtilization is only based on the balance reported to cra (usually your statement balance), not your high balance between statements. If you pay in full before your statement posts, it will show a zero balance and zero utilization. Also, utilization contribution to fico score is based only on what is reporting at the moment the score is pulled. Past utilization has no impact. So as long as you don't let an 11k balance report the month you apply for loans, it won't matter. Personally, I've paid all my grad school tuition on my chase sw card, even using the npsl feature to pay above my limit last month. I pay the balance off the day the charge posts to my account. Chase doesn't seem bothered, as they approved a ~7k charge on a card with a 5k limit. I got about 20k in rapid rewards points and the credit reporting agencies just show a zero balance. 


Don't worry about your utilization in lew of getting your rewards.  As long as you pay it off as planned then I say go for it!!  As  @ cdnewmanpac states- you only need worry about this if you were apping more credit before the next statement cuts with the high utilization.  What a GREAT way to gain quick rewards!  Now if you were using a NEW Amex Charge product in such a way- you might get FR'd.  lol

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