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Re: Need Christmas Credit Card
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webhopper wrote:
I'm guessing you had an ARM.... which reset or required a balloon payment.

I think you are asking a lot of middle income Americans how to get credit for Christmas and unfortunately its not possible due to your bankruptcy. Secured cards and loans will help you rebuild... as well as time.

Best advice is to stop searching for a new card because your credit is very black right now and not in a Alex centurion way.

I agree with posters who have suggested that you switch your spending to cash or secured card only. And there is nothing wrong with scaling back on gift giving for 1 year.

i bought my house in 2002 for 615,000 and today i owe close to 1.8 million and i did have arm with a rate of 8.750 and my taxes are about 26,000 a year which im in the process of grieving them i was on the verge of losing my home thank god i recieve a mod. and i consider myself the same as everybody on here i was just telling you the creditors and amounts. thank you i am gonna stick to cash for a while