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Re: Need Christmas Credit Card

dobirdsmommy wrote:

webhopper wrote:
I'm guessing you had an ARM.... which reset or required a balloon payment.

I think you are asking a lot of middle income Americans how to get credit for Christmas and unfortunately its not possible due to your bankruptcy. Secured cards and loans will help you rebuild... as well as time.

Best advice is to stop searching for a new card because your credit is very black right now and not in a Alex centurion way.

I agree with posters who have suggested that you switch your spending to cash or secured card only. And there is nothing wrong with scaling back on gift giving for 1 year.

+100000000     You didnt get your debt overnight so you are not gonna get lenders who you have burned 2 times with BK to trust you again overnight. It just doesnt happen.

I know im just trying to build i never meant for my situatuion to get like this but it was either pay your cards or mortgage and food and that why i decided to file bk to get a fresh strat and like i said i would never extend my credit that far ever again it was my wife on the charge cards