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Re: Need Christmas Credit Card

i never try to game the system i work for the nys banking i own a check cashing business i know how it works like i said before it was either pay the cards or live on the street and the 2005 bk was all business no personal 

frugalQ wrote:

I hope I don't offend, but it seems like you are trying to live the same lifestyle that got you into trouble TWICE.....and that makes absolutely no sense.

It seems as if BK is a means to an a extravagant lifestyle that you know you can't afford and use bankruptcy as a means to get out of paying for said lifestyle.

At some point you have to learn to live within your means. If that means driving a Honda instead of a Beamer, then do it. If you have employees, you may come out better having a pot luck luncheon where everyone pull names to exchange gifts. Maybe you need to host a simple family/friend get together instead of giving gifts.

You clearly need to get your priorities in order. Either stop trying to keep up with the Jones or quit gaming the system.