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Re: Need Christmas Credit Card

now i do understand and i always understand that the same creditor most likely wont grant credit . I had to file i was allmost 300,000 behind on my mortgage and i was to be served and i was trying to up keep with cards but then it got out of hand 

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I feel so bad for you. Bankruptcy would be stressful enough and your wanting to put more stress on yourself. I read your other posts about how your wife is all about luxury and I guess your trying to keep up with it. My gosh, if the people in your life are all about high priced items,money and luxury than maybe its time for you to re-evaluate the people in your life. I sincerely wish you the best of luck. That is a lot of debt.

I agree, i'm not sure the OP has grasped the reality of what that BK and the creditors he burned has actually did to this personal credit for the future.