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Re: Need Christmas Credit Card
You are ABSOLUTELY right. This is a place for building/rebuilding credit which is why you do not need to mention Rolex's, LV's, Benz's (unless we are talking about the MB Credit Card!). If you didn't mix pleasure items with credit in your posts, I think others would be less critical. Having a Rolex's, 2 million dollar house, LV's, iPads, have nothing to do with the rebuilding of your credit. In all honesty, neither does the total of your entire BK. The fact is those that have a small BK often have the same issues as those that have a 4M BK.

It seems you got some pretty decent answers (they may have not been the ones you were looking for) but they were pretty well thought out (using cash, letting the cards you have garden, possibly acquiring a higher limit secured card to finance the purchase and paying it off in full). 

For the time being, it is best to let what cards you have mature, and if you want to buy higher end items just use cash. We had our differences in another post, but I move on. Look at the advice given to you, use some cash this Christmas, and I hope you and your family can move on from your BK. Best of luck!

nicholasc77 wrote:

Im very upset that I am actually tearing up to think I life is fake or a joke Iassigned on these forums to rebuild my credit not be humiliated 

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