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Re: Need Christmas Credit Card

ah12345 wrote:

no need to get personal now. it has showed you cant manage money and like a previous poster said that is one reason honest people cant get no credit because of the few bad apples out the racking huge amouts of debt and then filing BK to get rid of it. sorry man but you just ganna have to break down and tell your family santa was broke this christmas. sorry you going through all  this but a good advice dont post to much personal information people that rack up huge amounts of debt dont need any more.

To me its a slap in the face, an insult. I work hard for what I have and to read some of the utterly dumb things this guy has done with money he should be made to pay every cent of it back. I dont care what you have to do, sell everything. Thats whats messed up about this country you can get away with stuff like this and one court case and its all gone. It shouldnt be that easy.


I've always hated BK stories but this one just takes the cake.


Done venting.


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