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Re: Capital One Executive Office

You guys are awesome.  I got a call back today from a very nice gentleman at the Cap 1 Exec office.  He took my information asked me a bunch of questions and stated he would have a manual review done to increase my card from 750 to 2000 (thats what i asked for)  He also asked me for a minimum amount I would accept just in case they counter offer.  He stated he would get back to me by Wed of next week.  Wow. it really worked!!! Keeping my fingers crossed...

Amex Delta Gold $1000.00 CL; Discover $1000.00 CL; Gap Visa $4500.00 CL; AE Visa 4000.00 CL; Cap1 Quicksilver $2000.00; Walmart MasterCard $5,300.00; Sam's Club Mastercard $8500.00; Barclay's Rewards MC $3700; CITIBank Dividend Platinum $300.00 CL; AMEX PRG NPSL; Wells Fargo Rewards VISA $3,000.00 CL; Barclays AA Red Aviator MC $4000.00 CL; BOA Better Balance Rewards VIsa $1000.00 CL; Chase Freedom Visa $3,500; Venture $15,000; Venture One $10,000.