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Re: USAA Score Monitoring??

apandabear wrote:

Well, considering some things that would make your USAA FAKO (PLUS) score go up, would actually make your FICO go down (and vice-versa), they really have no bearing on FICO reality. It is nice to see an upward trend, over time, but short term gains/losses really don't mean much.


The scores use a totally different formula with completely different criteria. I wouldn't count on them for anything.


It used to be a good source to refresh your report daily, but that's about to get more expensive.


Just my $0.02

Yes I totally agree. My recent example, I got a furniture store account that I maxed out and USAA EQ fako dropped 25pts but my EQ myfico only dropped 7pts. That was the only change that posted to both accounts this week.

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