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Re: Capital One Executive Office
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pkhuu78 wrote:

Okay, here is my story.  I sent an e-mail to (name removed by Mod) at CapitalOne on August 31st stating that I am a long time card holder since  july of 2005.  For the last 4-5 years, my credit limit has stayed at 3.5k and no one at CapitalOne can help me out with a real answer as to why I am not getting a credit limit increase.  I also stated  that I feel like I am talking to a computer vs a really human with a real judgement.   Well, I got a called back from (name removed by Mod) on the Sept. 5 statting she got my e-mail and she will be working on my case and please allow her a few days to investigate and get back to me.  On Sept. 10th she called back again and asking me for a few pieces of information and how much I want my new credit limit to be.  I told her that honestly even $100 more I would be happy.  She laughed and told me that she would put it in for 5k if it is okay with me and she also said that she might be able to upgrade it to the Venture card for me as well. Wow!! Really? (thinking to myself).  So she called me back again on the 18th, stating that she is still working on it and she didn't forget and asked me to hang in there a few more days for her.  I thanks her for the call and that was it.   Well, well, this moring I logged into my capital one account and my new credit line is now at 5k.  NO FREAKING WAY, it is working people...I will wait a few more days for her to call me back with the status of upgrading the card to the Venture card.  There is HOPE.... 

That's AWESOME!  Congrats!!! 

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