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Re: Capital One Executive Office



I have called the Executive Office in the past for a manual account review with no luck, but they were able to remove the AFs on both of my cards. After seeing this thread I decided to give them another call yesterday afternoon and ask for a manual review once again. The rep was very nice and asked for basic income information and informed me that a soft pull would be performed if they had not already pulled recently.


She put in a request to take both of my cards ($1500 CL, $750 CL) to a minimum of $3000 or up to a maximum of $6000. She said I would receive a call with the results some time next week.


I just checked my online account. My $1500 card went to $6,000 and my $750 card went to $5,000!!!!! 


I checked the EX and EQ backdoors, and all I saw was a SP today on EQ coded for AR. I don't have TransUnion access right now.