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Re: Capital One Executive Office
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The Executive Office direct phone number is 800-955-1455. It has been posted on this forum before. Do not abuse the privilege of having this phone number. Be prepared to explain yourself as soon as your call picks up, because right after a warning that the call is being recorded, the call is routed directly to a representative.


They do not typically start out the call with the same pleasantries that the tier one representatives do (e.g. asking for your name or account number first); they simply want to know why you are calling. They do not get many calls, so they may also ask you where you got their number from.


When I called, I explained that I had been denied customer-initiated requests for a CLI in the past, and I asked if it would be possible to submit my account to an underwriter or analyst for manual review. She asked me how I got the number, and she said she would be happy to submit my request. She asked for my account numbers and minimum and maximum CLs I would accept, and she said I would receive a call within the next week.




EDIT: Please be courteous and respectful to these representatives. They are not script readers, and they do have the power to authorize many changes to your account that even a senior accounts specialist cannot. Do explain to them your frustration of your cards not growing with you, and also let them know that you would rather enhance the products you already have than take a hit and apply for new cards with them or elsewhere. Through them, your feedback is likely to go much farther.