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Re: CapOne/HSBC cards....

I have repeatedly asked to combine my 2 capital one cards into 1 card so that i could have one card with a 1500 limit versus 2 with 750 limit for a year now, since i have not received a CLI except for the initial extra 250 they give you after 3 months of opening the accounts in over 4 years.  I have had my 2 accounts for almost 5 years now, never late, good standings , I use them and always pay well over min. payment which keeps them with low balances.  My credit has drastically improved since the date of opening the accounts and it boggles my mind how I can't at least get 1000 CL on at least one!   I have spoken to numerous supervisors, in more departments then I can remember and got nowhere.  At the time of 1st request to merge cards since they denied my credit limit increase on both cards I had 717 experian credit score.


I feel stuck because I dont want to close them and have my credit card utilization go up and I like having them for emergencies.   They are not a company to grow with...what you get is what you stay with and there is no changing it.  It makes me so mad because now my HSBC discover is now cap 1 so there goes hope for that card!  So frustrating...


i wish you luck, if you are able to merge your accounts pleass please PM with how you did it!  

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