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Re: New Walmart Cards being Mailed out

maiden_girl wrote:

Sparkz1920 wrote:

flowfaster wrote:

maiden_girl wrote:

I just received the blue card with the white and orange Discover logo on it today.

I thought the new design was all orange if you have the discover version?


Mine is Orange and i do not see a Walmart logo on it so im good with that

It's the Discover version but it isn't orange. It's all blue with a huge walmart spark on the left and the walmart logo with a spark on the right. Standard Discover logo at the bottom right corner. It basically looks like the Walmart store card with a discover logo on it. I don't see any changes. I've only see the orange cards online during the application but not in person. Does anyone have a Discover Walmart Orange card?

Yes mine is completely orange from my 9/15/12 approval. It doesn't have the Walmart logo, only the the Discover on lower right corner.

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