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Re: New Walmart Cards being Mailed out

linux007969 wrote:

Today I got a new Walmart Card in the mail, the information sent with the card said i am recieving this new card because GE Money Bank changed it's name to GE Capital Retail Bank. The card had a different design on it and had the same account number. The thing is when i applied for the card it was GE Capital Retail Bank then, so I called them after i saw that just to make sure this wasn't some sort of scam. I got a nice lady from the United States that said they are mailing out cards with new designes to customers and she doesn't know why it says about being changed to GE Capital Retail Bank. She said they have been GE Capital Retail Bank for the past 12 months. She said this new card was legit and it did not need activation and she said i was all set.


I just thought I would let you all know this so no one freaks out like i did. LOL Smiley Very Happy

LOL. I got my new card and called and asked the same thing. The back of my old card said GE Capital Retail Bank and the new one said the same thing.

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