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Denied Wells Fargo Student Card -- Insufficient History with Bank!?

Hi everyone,


I've been posting here for a while on what to do next to get my first credit card.  First I was denied by Capital One for their Secured card due to "insufficient income."


I've just finally heard back from Wells Fargo after applying for their College student card.  The only reason listed for denying me for this card was a lack of or insufficient history with the bank.  Seriously!?


Admittedly, I opened a student checking & savings account with them just to get the card, but who is to say that I wouldn't stay with them for banking and use their card.  I'm just starting out as a student trying to get my first credit card, so I'm not sure why they would deny me for that one reason.


Any thoughts on what to do next?  Any chance of me being able to recon with them and complaining with some of my above thoughts? Smiley Sad



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