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Re: Denied Wells Fargo Student Card -- Insufficient History with Bank!?

With Capital One, I applied on 8/20, I heard that they don't recon, and their reason was pretty specific (lack of sufficient income) when I reported $5,000 income based on a part time gig at school.  Perhaps I should've applied for their student card and they'd be more lenient on income?  (Though that was just a secured one)  but isn't it too late to recon with them?  Not sure.


And for Wells Fargo, for my income, they asked for other sources of income specifically, so I included scholarships, other sources, etc. with them.  After applying online, I verified my college enrollment, etc. and then got my decision in the mail today.  WF required at least $3,000 for their student card, and I met that.  They didn't list that as the reason though.


The only score I know is my TU score from August from Capital One, which was 679.  Not sure about the others.  But the only thing on there is student loans (not yet due), and the inquiry from Capital One in late August, and then most recently (I assume) from Wells Fargo, but they didn't list where they pulled and what score was pulled.


Thanks for the responses.

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