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Re: Denied Wells Fargo Student Card -- Insufficient History with Bank!?

What is your average age of accounts and oldest tradeline?


You said you had student loans in your report. At this point, since you don't have any credit cards, you need history in your file. Are there any Authorized User account there? If not, get someone (your parents preferrably) to add you to a couple of their oldest cards (high limit also helps) with positive standing they have.


I don't see how you can recon the WF rejection for lack of history with them. Maybe go to a branch and have a banker give them a call for you. My best shot would be to try and recon with capital one. I don't know about the process but you should mention income from employment and all the extra cash flow you receive and don't have to give back(scholarships, money your parents give you, etc.) If failed at recon.. try again and tell them you intended to apply for a student card instead (my journey card was approved with no credit history and 10k income) and see if they can transfer the app to one of their student cards(less income req for student cards).


Other things:

Go to each of the 3 credit bureau's webpage and pull your reports for free for being denied credit recently (you need to specify you were denied credit).

If you haven't already, go create an account at creditkarma, you can see an overview of your TU report there + a useless faco score lenders don't use.

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