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Re: Denied Wells Fargo Student Card -- Insufficient History with Bank!?
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I just signed up, thanks.


Avg. age 2 yrs, 1 month, oldest 2 yrs & 11 months.  Total accounts: 8.  (All federal student loans).  1 hard inquiry from Cap1.  (Not sure if/from where WF pulled)  Fako Transrisk of 654.


I'm on an AU on any card, and never have been.  If necessary, I'll ask my parents if they can add me.  I'm 21 now, not sure if it matters.  I just hope they remember to pay it off and not keep a balance (You never know! Smiley Frustrated)  or that they didn't have a derogatory mark on the account in the past.  I know if it affects my report and it's not mine I can get it removed--but is that an arduous process?


I feel desperate right now with two failed inquiries in a row--I'd hate to keep applying, but need to start somewhere, and soon!  I've heard about SDFCU's secured card, but not sure how they feel about students with no history and low income.  Maybe I should try other credit unions out there?  But again, I'm not sure if I have a shot with my standing and hate to keep applying.

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