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Re: Authorized user
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I am an authorized user on someone's Capital One card. I have access to be able to log into their account. They're trying to get a house and car, so when they made a payment on their card, they disputed the balance through the CRAs because Capital One was not reporting the balance on time. Then they decided to make two more payments to actually get the card paid almost completely off. It only took the CRAs a couple days to update the balance originally. Seem to me like her history was showing up on my reports at least by the first time her card was reported after adding me. It might have been sooner.


They wanted to dispute again to make sure all reportings were showing the balance after the two other payments. 2 of them baiscally said a report had already been filed or enough time had not passed, so she had me dispute the balance through one CRA via my credit report. When the results came back the CRAs removed her history from my reports, and when I logged into her account, I was no longer listed as an authourized user.  I added myself back, but it seems to be taking longer or it to be showing up than it did the first time.  She contacted Capital One, and they said they will conctact the CRAs. We're approaching the time her card information is usually updated on her reports, so we will see if they're showing back up or not.


So, what's the usual time with Capital One?