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I'm so OVER Navy Federal!!!!
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Monday I used the membership eligibilty wizard of NFCU's website to determine that I was eligile for membership because my employer is one of the agencies listed. I funded both savings and checking accounts immediately. I also applied for and was approved for a cashrewards visa with a $5k CL and a Line of Credit for $7.5. Now they want to verify my eligibilty which is normal. I logged in my accounts only to see that I have been locked out and was instructed to call the 800 number. I do not have any type of access to my deposits which were large. I spoke to someone in the membership department that told me to fax her my paystub that has the agencies name on and and my work ID. I told her I would and I did. However, my ID as well as a few thousand others does not have the name of the agnecy listed on it. She told me that was weird and that she'd have to research this further.


I'm worried that my membership may be revokedSmiley Sad! I told her the name of the agnecy I work for was an avaialable option. Now she's investigationg and I have to wait to here back from them. I've already taken the hp for the membership, LOC and the visa. What do you guys think could possible happen next?