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Re: OH NO!!! Possible NFCU Membership Snafu....HELP!!

PrettyNPink wrote:

Yes, my paystub has my employers name on it. My concern was her accusatory tone, like I intentionally tried to join fraudulently. When I told her the name of my employer and that I was indeed an option via their website she said that's not possible. I told her to check because she's wrong! I promptly printed the screen in case she says she could not find it. My agencies does not deal with the DoD. However, we are listed as an eliglbile organization.

I am now curious as to where the "NFCU eligible non-DoD organization list" is.  Can you please post the link?  I searched a few times on google, but the only thing I could find is this eligibility checklist.  It would make more sense if your organaztion was working on a DoD installation doing contract work, but you said you don't deal with DoD?

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