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Re: Amex Recon Advice 7 years post bk

sal2009 wrote:

so after emailing the president and also asking for a recon my app status on the online site went from denied to "in progress."....not sure if that means anything or more likely the computer system just shows that until they deny me again.  will update you all.... granted me the ink bold business card for $5000....


@trumpet-205:   these are BUSINESS decisions....companies shouldn't and don't make decisions based on morals....


now amex doesn't have to give me a card...but to not to is a pure stupid business not give a physician who makes several hundred thousand and pays his bill in full a charge (no credit card) when he has no late payments for over the past 7 years is not a smart business decision....

In all fairness, you burnt them in the past. That would make anyone wary about lending to you again, especially Amex who rely on their own internal databases more than any other lender. Just because you're better off now doesn't make everything that happened previously ok with them.


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