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PenFed CLI strategy

Okay, so this is a strategic (long term) question regarding PenFed.


I joined PenFed in August and applied for their Platinum Rewards card at the same time and was instantly approved for $5,000.

Was hoping for more, but I'll still gladly take it.    Hoping to keep this card for years and hoping to up the CL on it over time.

My concern is my other credit account limits might keep my PenFed card at $5k.  So, I was thinking of closing 1 current card that I just don't use anymore and thereby lower my overall credit limit in hopes that it would result in an eventual CLI from Penfed.


Current cards:

USAA World MC (2009) - $8,000 - $220 bal

USAA AmEx (2010) - $9,000 - $0 bal

AmEx Starwood (backdated to 2002)  - $15,000 - $500 bal

Navy Visa Sig (2011) - $14,000 - $200 bal

PenFed Visa (2012) - $5,000 - $196 bal


Balances listed are just what's on them now, I haven't carried an actual balance since 2003.  I PIF every month.

Other info:  Oldest acct 18 years, AAoA, 7 years, no derogs of any kind.


So I was thinking of closing the USAA Amex since I just don't use it.   The other 4 cards all are more useful in one way or another.

I figure that by reducing my total lines by $9,000, it _might_ keep me from being denied a PenFed CLI because of pyramiding.



USAA World MasterCard - $14,500
American Express SPG - $20,000
NFCU CashRewards Visa Sig - $20,000
PenFed Platinum Rewards Visa - $5,000