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Me And Equifax DON'T Get Along

This is a venting email so please take with a grain of salt...


I had a collection deleted from both TU and EX more than 45 days ago bring both those scores up to just about 720s. What happened with my EQ score??? NOTHING!!! I had to fax them the letter and do an online dispute before they just removed it this morning. What was the result??? And increase of 9 points. A jumpt from a whopping 624 to 633.


EQ posts all of my payoffs and 0 balances at least 2 weeks later than the other two bureaus and dinks my score down far more for utilzation increases than they do 0 balance payoffs.


Another for instance, I got a new CITI card which I took advantage of the BT. Got hit down 44 points for a maxed card condition. When I paid the card off I got only an increase of just a bit more than 18 points. In these two events I contend that if my CO delete were processed correctly that my score would have never dropped to a 624 score in the first place.



BTW 60% of my inquiries this year have gone to EX because I've gotten new lines from both Citi and AMEX (again who have both pulled from EX). I have only 1 inq in the last 6 months on my EQ from a Chase CSP denial that I felt that I should have surely qualified for this summer. At the time I had this one CO (which was in error) and a utilization of 8%. You know what 8% util, not inqs and one $600 bogus CO gets me thwith EQ? a 669. "They don't like me" is an understatement...

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