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Re: Me And Equifax DON'T Get Along

madmann26 wrote:

I feel ya,


Was the score from the Equifax monthly plan? I wouldn't get to tweaked about it. I've been fussing at Cap1 for about 1.5 weeks because I have paid the CO that I had and yet the balance hasn't reflected. I keep getting the "it can take 45-60 days to update" BS answer. Why do I call it BS? Because I have had things updated/removed overnight.


All in all, you know your credit history and current status. It'll get updated but it will take some time.

I'm yapping b/c the CO just got deleted this morning with a tiddly litle 9 point increasing effect. The oether two bureas calculate scores at about 718. EQ BLOWS and I need them as I'm trying to do some line expanding with Chase and potentially USBank, who I don't know where they will pull from.



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