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Re: Me And Equifax DON'T Get Along

This is one of the reasons why there should be federal oversight! In this age, there is no reason why an update in favor of the consumer should take 45-60 days (Even 30 days is a long time, but I think I could live with that) while a derog hits with light speed. Smiley Mad


I saw the new regs talked about on another thread. Writing my letter to Elizabeth Warren next week if my new Chase PIF doesn't dramatically affect my score...

On those guys, I'd PIFed my Chase account 2 days before the end data on 9/21. Had a full 0 balance for 2 days. When my statement closed I had a balance for 36.29 and I'm sure that they didn't report the 0 balance. All these little gotchas drive me crazy!!!!! Hoping that they report the 0 balance and charge my interest in the next cycle. But... I know that won't happen.




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