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I understand that whenever you get an additional AMEX card, it will show up on the same year as the first account opened

So if i opened the first one in January 2012 and my second one is in March 2014, it will show up as March 2012 right ?


Now the question is like that?

I just started building credit in May 2012 (this year) and i plan to apply in December for an AMEX so i can still make it a 2012 year.

Now my question is how will my 2nd card backdate ?   Lets say i get another card in January 2014. Will it backdate to December 2012 or January 2012 ? i understood it goes to the same month but in the opening year, but technically January 2012 i wasn't a member yet, so will it just go on December 2012 ?

If it goes to January 2012 how does it make sense on my credit report? I just got my social in March 2012.

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